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Door Panel Parts Loading Traceability System

The Door Panel Parts Loading Traceability System was developed for a tier-one supplier in Detroit, Michigan as DPASS. This system provides the operational and administrative tools necessary to record parts loaded and to provide report and export data for the parts loading activity as related to the operation of DPASS. Most of the support data is maintained in DPASS, leaving the Traceability System limited to only those functions required for logging parts as they are loaded.

The system is controlled by the same two plant floor PCs as DPASS. The right hand plant floor PC controls parts loading for the right front and rear door lines, with the left hand plant floor PC controlling parts loading for the left front and rear door lines. Communication from the PCs to the Smart Product Controllers is via Ethernet and IP addresses.

There is one Smart Product Controller for each of the four total lines, front-right hand, front-left hand, rear-right hand, and rear-left hand. All parts loading is done through Smart Gates located on the back of the racks.

When a part is scanned, that part number is used to look up the pick sequence stored on the Smart Product Controller, and the appropriate sequence is initiated. This involves turning on the appropriate stack light, illuminating the appropriate Smart Gate, and then turning off the stack light once the part has been loaded. The result of this operation is sent to the PC for logging.

The parts traceability data can be reported and/or exported as needed.

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