Smart Bin

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This is a self-contained portable system consisting of six bins arranged in two rows. Each bin is 5” high, 6.75” wide and 10” deep, making this system ideal for kitting of small parts. Multiple Smart Bins can be cabled together to create larger systems. Virtually any picking sequence can be programmed within seconds, then activated upon the flip of a switch. An integrated counter reports the number of correctly completed picking sequences. Portability makes it easy to move this system from workplace to workplace. Like all SpeasTech pick-to-light systems, Smart Bin is automated via our infrared windows to greatly reduce labor and errors.

Features & Benefits

  • Infrared sensors detect good and bad picks, audibly alarm on bad ones.
  • Extremely easy to program.
  • Reduces operator labor.
  • Reduces operator training time.
  • Reduces errors for reduced scrap and returns.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Integrated counter.
  • Extremely portable.
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