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Founded in 1978, SpeasTech is a privately-held company specializing in advanced, automated pick-to-light solutions that deliver increased productivity, accuracy and inventory control in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution applications. The company’s products are in use throughout the Americas and Europe.

SpeasTech is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas USA

SpeasTech Management

Gary W. Speas, P.E., is president and chief executive officer of SpeasTech, the company he founded in 1978. Mr. Speas earned a B.S. in electrical and computer engineering from Clemson University. He holds 15 patents, many of which are related to SpeasTech products.


Larry D. Heiss P.E., is vice president of engineering. Mr. Heiss holds an M.S. in applied science and a B.S. in computer engineering technology from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Prior to joining SpeasTech in 1996, he taught college courses in computers and electronics at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and at ITT Technical Institute. Mr. Heiss directs the engineering efforts of all SpeasTech products and is highly involved with customer training for those products.


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