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Typical pick-to-light systems require pickers to turn OFF indicator lights by manually depressing them. With SpeasTech systems, indicator lights are automatically deactivated by the motion of the picker’s hand through an infrared window in and out of the bin. One less step is required of each pick, so pickers can work faster. And if a hand reaches into the wrong bin, an audible alarm is sounded to make picking errors a thing of the past. The same functionality goes to work during put-to-light operations. Enjoy fewer steps and surer steps with SpeasTech.


Smart Frame™

Change bin sizes and/or locations quickly and easily. Accommodate virtually any pick-to-light sequence required. Integrated smart controller can stand alone or interface with PCs, PLCs and mainframes. Learn more…

Smart Gate™ XL

The smart solution for larger items. Turns any rack or shelf systems into a Smart Frame. Multiple or single bin applications. Sensing window heights from 6” to 60”, with widths up to 8’ as needed. Integrate with Smart Frames or operate independently. Learn more…

Smart Bin™

Don’t let its diminutive size fool you. This little solution is big on performance with practically all the features of the Smart Frame. Got a growing company? Simply connect multiple smart bins. Learn more…

Custom Solutions

Need a weird rack size? Check out Smart Racks. Need to add a work surface to that picking station? See Smart Workstations. Working with odd-sized totes? See Smart Cube. Need ideas on a new Poka-Yoke initiative? See our eManufacturing services. All of these are custom solutions to increase productivity and eliminate errors in practically any application. Learn more…


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