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As your Error-Proofing, Poka-Yoke, and Continuous Improvement Solutions partner, SpeasTech’s capabilities extend far beyond our offering of Smart Frame™, Smart Gate™ XL and Smart Bin™ systems. We also offer Custom PC Applications and Network Interfaces, Smart Racks, Smart Workstations and Smart Cubes, as well as a variety of other custom solutions to develop and enhance your lean manufacturing efforts.

Smart Rack

Smart Rack pick-to-light systems can be custom-built to meet the particular size and configuration needs of virtually any application. Smart Racks can be designed to indicate the proper parts to be picked, to control part placement during rack loading, to keep an electronic inventory, and to automatically notify material handling when reloading is necessary.

Smart Workstation

The Smart Workstation has the same pick-to-light mistake-proofing capabilities as Smart Racks, but to includes almost any configuration of work surfaces you might desire.

Smart Cube

This is a reconfigurable, ergonomically-conscious, pick-to-light system that can be adjusted to fit various sizes of commercial totes. Smart Cubes are light enough to be quickly and easily rearranged or moved to different work stations to enable efficiency, error-proofing and ease of motion.


SpeasTech is ready to help you with any Poka-Yoke initiative. A tier 1 supplier wanted to control four assembly lines from scheduling to shipping. SpeasTech developed software for use with Smart Frames and Smart Gate XLs to schedule and monitor operations on each line. An auto manufacturer wanted a closed-loop picking system at one work cell. We integrated a stationary barcode scanner with Smart Gate XLs and a custom-built controller to ensure the proper alternator was selected for each engine. Tell us your problem. We’re betting we can solve it!

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