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IntelliFrame incorporates the Smart Frame Designer functionality to facilitate Smart Frame configuration. IntelliFrame controls the kitting of medical supplies process for assembly lines with one or two Smart Product Controllers connected via RS/232 communications. This system looks up the appropriate bill of materials based upon the bar code scanned. The operator is led through the assembly process. This order-based system was designed and developed for a medical equipment & supplies manufacturer in Minneapolis, MN.

Assemblies are initiated by the operator scanning the full PIN which is composed of PIN, issue, lot ID, and quantity. The bill of materials is looked up and used to drive the assembly process on one or both frames. Special logic is involved for “500 level parts,” pre-assemblies, primary/secondary parts, and final parts. During assembly or at any other time, the operator can also use the Load Mode function to load parts. The operator scans the bar code for the part to be loaded and this data is used to look up and illuminate the appropriate bin location. Once the part is loaded, the operator is able to continue to load more parts. Each of these events is logged for subsequent reporting and export of data.

The assemblies and their related bills of material are received into IntelliFrame via an import function for data exported from the mainframe. New parts and bin locations can be assigned, and pre-assemblies identified within the BOM. Bills of material can be copied, old data can be archived and purged. Data modification and many functions involve password entry for security.

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