Installed Systems

End Yoke Installation

This system is used to control the end yoke installation within the build-to-order assembly process of transmissions for a tier-one supplier in Kings Mountain, NC. The basic Smart Frame Designer software is incorporated into the system to facilitate Smart Frame configuration. Two Smart Product Controllers with three Smart Frames are involved, along with a sensor that detects the presence of the transmission and two bar code scanners for use during assembly and parts loading operations. Jobs and their related components are received from an Oracle database on a mainframe via comma delimited, ASCII text file and imported into the system. This is a periodic as well as an on-demand function.

The assembly operation requires that the job number and serial number for the transmission be scanned. The information about the job is displayed and used to control the assembly process. If the assembly process has to be discontinued for any reason, the operator must identify the reason why, whether it is due to insufficient parts or some other cause. If the transmission is removed during the assembly process before all parts have been selected, the alarm will sound. Log data is recorded, including number of bad picks, and each assembly is tagged with the operator ID of the person logged on the system. An inspection function is included as well as an insufficient parts handling process. The log data can be reported or exported.

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