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IntelliFrame Label Supply

A variation of the IntelliFrame system was implemented at a medical equipment and supplies production plant in Tijuana, Mexico. The purpose of this application is to ensure that the correct labels are supplied for placement on the packaging for each order. Because medical devices and supplies are involved, correct identification of the items is critical. Most of IntelliFrame’s functions are included in ILSS with appropriate modifications for the label selection process.

One large frame is involved, with both the assembly (selection) and re-loading functions included. The particular orders and their related labels (BOM) are received from the mainframe and imported into ILSS. As each order is scanned, the relevant labels are identified and bin locations illuminated to direct the operators through the label picking process. Inventory counts are maintained with operator alert for insufficient quantities. A function is available to allow selection of additional labels for an order in the event more labels are required.

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